Choosing a massage modality can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time receiving bodywork! I want to take the stress out of the decision, so you can pick with ease and be ready to relax at your appointment. Below, you’ll find some quick bullet points about each service type to help you narrow your focus.

Swedish Massage

A classic massage technique that’s great for first-time massage recipients! Gentle, relaxing, and slow work to help the body come back into its natural rhythms. 30-90 minute sessions available, $5 off when you book a 90 minute session.

Best if you:

  • Have minor aches and pains
  • Experience anxiety
  • Suffer with sleep dysfunction
  • Have never received a massage
  • Enjoy lighter pressure
  • Want to focus on relaxation

Lymphatic Drainage

Improve immune function with this gentle massage technique. Uses a combination of hot and cold stones, dry brushing, castor oil, and hot towels to help the body engage in its natural capacity for healing. This technique requires slow, intentional work, so sessions only range from 60-120 minutes. Get $10 off when you book a 120 minute session.

Best if you:

  • Experience chronic illness*
  • Feel sluggish and tired
  • Have chronic inflammatory issues
  • Struggle with digestive issues
  • Want a massage focused on healthy circulation

*It is essential to always let your therapist know what about any diagnoses you may have. Some illnesses are contraindicated in massage or require a physician’s approval before working.

Deep Tissue Massage

Alleviates sore muscles and eases tension by going beyond a normal superficial muscle massage. Uses heat to relax the muscles, followed by deep manual work, closed with cold stones to relieve soreness as requested. 30-90 minute sessions available, $5 off when you book a 90 minute session.

Best if you:

  • Enjoy more intense pressure
  • Want to focus on digging out tight spots rather than just relaxing
  • Find light-medium pressure irritating
  • Are interested in utilizing breathing techniques in your session*

*Sister Wolf often guides clients in deep-breathing techniques to assist in relaxation. This is particularly helpful when clients are experiencing therapeutic discomfort around a tight spot.

Intuitive Massage

An intuitive blend of massage and bodywork techniques that are tailored to your body. May include hot and cold stone therapy, deep tissue, myofascial work, energy work, and more. 30-90 minute sessions available, $5 off when you book a 90 minute session.

Best if you:

  • Still aren’t sure what modality will fit you best
  • Want to experience collaborative massage therapy (massage that is not only focused on relaxation or tension relief, but on developing your body’s intuition for self-healing)
  • Want a variety of techniques incorporated (stretching, deep tissue work, Swedish massage, stone medicine, energy work, lymphatic work, etc.)

P.S. On the day of your appointment, you may be feeling differently than when you first booked your session. If that happens, it’s okay! While we can’t adjust the timeslot for your appointment, it’s easy to change the type service you receive on the day of. Just let me know!

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